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Hello Everyone!

As the year winds down to a close it is good to think about how doing a few things better and consistently can have tremendous effects in becoming habits. To this, the concept of Freudenfreude has been on my mind for weeks. Celebrating the wins of others is especially important, and a concept worth becoming a habit. Several other great articles, podcasts, and a timeless video on font design.

Happy Holidays!


1. The Opposite of Schadenfreude Is Freudenfreude. Here’s How to Cultivate It.
“Finding joy in another person’s good fortune is what social scientists call “freudenfreude,” a German term that describes the bliss we feel when someone else succeeds, even if it doesn’t directly involve us. Freudenfreude is like social glue, said Catherine Chambliss, a professor of psychology at Ursinus College. It makes relationships “more intimate and enjoyable.””

2. What is Freudenfreude and why is it good for you?
“But I wonder if you’ve heard of Freudenfreude? It’s finding joy in other people’s success.”

3. 12 Universal Design Principles
“I was struck by the way people talked about the transformative power of our field and how it shapes the world around us, so I decided to read them all and extract the key ideas, trying to capture the essence of design across countries and time. Which I filtered, clustered and sorted into the following 12 main principles.”

4. Can ChatGPT Make This Podcast? Hard Fork
“It’s writing podcast scripts, finishing students’ homework and correcting mistakes in computer code: ChatGPT, the A.I. chatbot from OpenAI, is suddenly everywhere. Who should decide how it’s built? What could go wrong? And what could go right?”

5. 37 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said the Best Managers Never Actually Want to Be Managers. Science Says He Was Right
“According to the Apple co-founder, the best leaders are great individual contributors, not ‘professional managers.'”

6. What Twitter Does to Our Sense of Time
“It seemed that the more I used these platforms, the more I got psychologically adjusted to a certain social frame rate — one that happened to be ticking by with constant developments and quickly-evolving outrage. It was as if opening my phone revealed a stream of time running much faster than the one in the room where I sat.”

7. Why Twitter had 7500 Employees, and Startups Crush Big Companies.
“Long-term vs one-time cost of product engineering is a core reason why companies grind to a halt over time.”

8. Dr. Rick Will See You Now: A Guide to Un-Becoming Your Parents
“Finally, your chance to sit down the world’s foremost Parentamorphosis expert. Each page of this handy guide is like a one-on-one session with the man himself, filled with the strategies, exercises, self-assessments, and good old-fashioned straight-shootin’ advice you need to un-become your parents every single day. From making small talk with tollboth operators (don’t) to the dangerous lures of lawn care, this collection of bite-sized wisdom fits perfectly in your oversized cargo pants and will have you covered for almost any situation.”

9. Papyrus – SNL
“Yeah, he just highlighted Avatar, he clicked the drop down menu, and then he randomly selected Papyrus.”