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Hello Everyone!

Another set of excellent links that hopefully may inspire everyone to think about problems & solutions from a differing points of view: Empathy, User Stories, and Net-Positive Products. Several great Visual Design links, including the Sesame Street submission from Nate, the Twins redesigned uniforms with a specific nod to user habits and creating digital media, and lastly how simple illustrations can help users better understand panic attacks. The dumpster fire that is engulfing Silicon Valley around Twitter is still burning, though the lessons of how to use Social Media are abound. And perhaps timing on point, Don DeLillo’s White Noise is coming to Netflix. Amongst all this, at least we can dream of pizza.

Happy Thanksgiving!


1. It’s Time To Teach Empathy And Trust With The Same Rigor As We Teach Coding
For the first time, three leadership experts share their lesson plans for soft skills training.”

2. User Stories Are Ill-Suited For Expressing Requirements
“Splitting User Stories into more User Stories often means you are deceiving yourself (and your users too!)”

3. Why We Should Be Focusing On Net Positive Products
“My barometer check for successful products and why I think this is something we need to focus on more now than ever before.”

4. Sesame Street: Hint of Character / Consumer Products Style Guide (From Nate)
“The Hint of Character collection brings a subtler look to Sesame Street licensed consumer products. Maximizing iconic graphics with a touch of character presence, this modular collection offers simple, graphic, bold and stylish designs for all ages on everyday product.”

5. Minnesota Twins Unveil Redesigned Uniforms
“A lot of the way fans engage with their teams are on their cell phones, so we sought to create a uniform and marks that are legible on both physical and digital media,”

6. The Anatomy Of A Panic Attack
“Panic attacks revolve around terror. Though people mainly associate them with the mind, they’re actually constellations of symptoms, both physical and cognitive. Your brain is seized by fear; your body responds, and it can be hard to make sense of it all.”

7. Elon Musk Says Twitter Is Done With Layoffs And Ready To Hire Again
“Twitter had nearly 7,500 employees before Musk took over. Now it has about 2,700.”

8. How To Prepare For Life After Twitter
“Don’t delete your account just yet. Elon Musk’s takeover can teach us valuable lessons about our relationship with social networks.”

9. An Introduction To ‘White Noise,’ Don Delillo’s Defining And Unfilmable Novel
“The postmodern masterpiece has been long and widely regarded as impossible to adapt, but Noah Baumbach, equipped with renewed timeliness and a Netflix budget, is putting that to the test.”

10. A Pizza Pilgrimage To Campania
“For an Italian tour that messes nicely with tradition, head to Naples, the birthplace of pizza, where some masterful pizzaioli have elevated this humble treasure to tasting-menu status.”