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Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a restful holiday weekend. A set of excellent and diverse UXD links that may inspire you all. The last five months have been a blur, though getting back on track with UXD lists. Send in submissions!


1. Why Introverts Make Exceptional Designers & How Leaders Can Support Them
“To do UX right, you have to talk to and build relationships with people every single day. You have to negotiate. You have to sell your ideas to ensure they actually get built and shipped.”

2. Responsive Grids And How To Actually Use Them
“You looked around, you saw all the arguments on why to use a grid, how to set one up, and you’re totally on board with all of that, but nobody told you how to use one. Same.”

3. Jony Ive Spent The Past 4 Years Perfecting His Typeface. Here’s Why He’ll Never Be Done
“LoveFrom’s signature typeface is 300 years in the making. Here, Ive and his team take us inside the design for the first time, and explain what it means for the secretive studio.”

4. Boeing Engineers Set A New Record For Paper Plane Flight Distance
“It’s official: The Guinness World Record for farthest-flying paper aircraft now belongs to two real-deal Boeing aerospace engineers.”

5. The Forgotten Story Of Modulex: Lego’s Lost Cousin (From Nate)
“In the wake of their global success in the 1960s, the LEGO Group developed a new system of plastic bricks… for adults? This documentary explores the full story of Modulex, an obscure product line designed specifically for business use.”

6. Can The Best Financial Tips Fit On An Index Card?
“Pollack said that the best personal finance advice “can fit on a 3-by-5 index card, and is available for free in the library — so if you’re paying someone for advice, almost by definition, you’re probably getting the wrong advice, because the correct advice is so straightforward.””

7. The Teenager Leading The Smartphone Liberation Movement
Logan Lane gave up her smartphone. That changed her life.

8. The Digital Workplace Is Designed To Bring You Down
“We have to replace the hyperactive hive-mind work flow with explicit alternatives for the assignment and organization of work, and individuals can’t do that on their own.”

9. Appliance Makers Sad That 50% Of Customers Won’t Connect Smart Appliances
“Appliance makers like Whirlpool and LG just can’t understand. They added Wi-Fi antennae to their latest dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators and built apps for them — and yet only 50 percent or fewer of their owners have connected them.”

10. What Is Coronation Chicken? The History Behind The Dish
“Melissa Clark shares how to make coronation chicken salad, along with the history that shaped this regal recipe.”