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Hello All

Short list this week. Switching to Fridays, so more links then. A few great inspirational and visualization examples, including two from Nate.


1. 20 UX Design Examples To Get Inspired
“UX Design is quite a diverse art. Users and designers all have a big margin to find products that thrill, help, solve, organize and even bewilder. But what makes a truly great example of UX design?”

2. There’s A Lot You Don’t See In Maps Of The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine. Here’s How To Look At Them Differently. (From Nate)
“What’s hidden from maps can be just as interesting as what’s shown.”

3. Russia Invades Ukraine (From Nate)
“Maps of the conflict from Reuters Graphics.”

4. MLB Savant Illustrator
“Welcome to Savant Illustrator, our new visualization tool designed to illuminate all the inherent nuances and figures that we believe make baseball special.”

5. What The Silicon Valley Prophet Sees On The Horizon
“Stewart Brand coined the term “personal computer” and was one of the first to envision what digital technology would become. He knows it got messy. He thinks tech can clean itself up.”

6. It’s Not Your Fault You Can’t Pay Attention. Here’s Why.
“The sensation of being alive in the early 21st century consisted of the sense that our ability to pay attention — to focus — was cracking and breaking,” writes Johann Hari in his new book, ‘Stolen Focus.’ Later he says, “It felt like our civilization had been covered with itching powder and we spent our time twitching and twerking our minds, unable to simply give attention to things that matter.”

7. Is Coffee Good For You?
“Yes! But it depends on the kind of coffee and the quantity.”