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Hello All

Given all of the senseless carnage and wanton destruction happening in Ukraine, it is certainly difficult to read the news. Hopefully some of these links are a bit lighter and may help you briefly focus upon something else for a bit.


1. 10 Web Accessibility Examples For ADA Compliance
“There are some of the best web accessibility examples showcasing accessible design. These websites set the standard for ADA and WCAG compliance without compromising design.”

2. Find Out If Your Website Is Accessible And Compliant
“Scan your website for free, identify accessibility issues, and get exact instructions on how to fix them.”

3. iPod Modders Give Apple’s Abandoned Music Player New Life
By modifying old hardware with modern—and often more colorful—components, listeners create their dream iPods and kick their Spotify habits.

4. In A World On Fire, Stop Burning Things
“The truth is new and counterintuitive: we have the technology necessary to rapidly ditch fossil fuels.”

5. Simple Electrical Circuit Learns On Its Own—With No Help From A Computer
“System sidesteps computing bottleneck in tuning artificial intelligence algorithms.”

6. Senate Passes Bill To Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent
“The Senate passed a measure that would make daylight saving time permanent across the U.S.”

7. Everyone Was Surprised By The Senate Passing Permanent Daylight Saving Time. Especially The Senators.
“An inspiring story about how presumptuous Senate staffers can accidentally make history.”

8. One Pizza At A Time, He Defined The New York Slice
“Domenico DeMarco, who founded Di Fara Pizza in 1965, has died. He was a link between the cooking of Southern Italy and the city’s corner-slice culture.”

9. Tree Planting Is Booming. Here’s How That Could Help, Or Harm, The Planet.
“Reforestation can fight climate change, uplift communities and restore biodiversity. When done badly, though, it can speed extinctions and make nature less resilient.”