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Hello All

Quick list full of some good UX pieces.


1. Form Design: UX Strategies And Best Practices
“Solidify the user experience of every web form you build and design. Learn the best practices and apply them to any website or landing page.”

2. 11 Amazing UX Design Examples To Learn From
“Good UX design can make or break the relationship you have with customer. Here are 11 brilliant UX design examples to learn from.”

3. Text Fields & Forms Design — UI Components Series
“Simple rules that will help you design forms users will like to complete”

4. Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (And What UX Professionals Can Do About It) (From David)
“Companies like Intuit base their critical decisions on this metric, but the metric isn’t measuring what they think it is. In fact, NPS measures nothing in particular. Let’s unpack how it works to see just how vacuous NPS truly is.”

5. Introducing WordleBot, The Upshot’s Daily Wordle Companion
“It will tell you how skillful or lucky you were, and it could help improve your results.”