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Hello All

Today is National Pi Day. Several reflective pieces this week from Pi to Double Diamonds to considerations on what technology can do to improve our lives, when not taking them over. My hope is that some of you will enjoy a pie of sorts today, preferably pizza.


1. 10 Ways To Celebrate Pi Day With NASA On March 14
“On March 14, NASA will join people across the U.S. as they celebrate an icon of nerd culture: the number pi. So well known and beloved is pi, also written π or 3.14, that it has a national holiday named in its honor.”

2. Product Design Process: Steps To Designing A Product People Will Love
“We utilize the Double Diamond product design process with four phases: Discover, Define, Develop, and Deliver.”

3. Why This Is Happening in the 21st Century
“It is not technology per se that is the problem but the demands we place on it. We expect it to solve all our problems, including the problem of war. We’ve outsourced our deepest human yearnings to smartphones and Silicon Valley hucksters. Enough. It’s time to reclaim human agency, and accountability.”

4. Top 10 Customer-Preferred Utility Website Features
“Are you in the process of redesigning your utility website or prioritizing which website features to focus on first? Our research shows that providing a positive experience for the most important website features makes a good first impression with customers and keeps them coming back.”

5. Google Wants Devices To Know When You’re Paying Attention
“All in the name of more intuitive experiences.”

6. Tech Is Helping Millions Of People Work From The Woods
“Because about 8.3 million people went camping for the first time in America in 2021, that means almost 2 million Americans spent some portion of last year working from the woods for the first time. It’s a trend that The Dyrt has dubbed WFC or Work from Camp.”

7. Could The Solution To The Great Resignation Be As Simple As Gratitude? A New Study Suggests Yes
“Beyond fair pay and a healthy culture, the magic ingredient for keeping your people could be a simple thank you.”

8. Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches
“Douglass is unquestionably one of our nation’s towering figures most sorely deserving of multiple films made about his life, and by zeroing in on five of his most impactful speeches, Marchesi and Babalola build an awe-inspiring portrait of how the trailblazing abolitionist was not only as great an orator as Abraham Lincoln, but a true champion of equality whose words continue to resonate throughout the ages.”

9. In Celebration Of ‘The Slow Home
“The term ‘slow living’ doesn’t just refer to the pace of life – it’s literally an acronym for how to approach everyday choices in a more considered way: Sustainable, Local, Organic and Whole.”

10. David Byrne Really Does ♥ PowerPoint, Berkeley Presentation Shows
“Hello. My name is David Byrne, and I’m going to do an introduction to PowerPoint.”

11. How Fender’s Golden-Era Hardware Was Made
“This post is part of a series of unpublished interviews from the personal research archive of noted guitar writer Tony Bacon. It follows previous interviews with others involved in the pre-CBS golden age of Fender production and in the post-CBS revival years.”