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Hello All

Some thought provoking pieces this week that focus upon differentiating between the perception and reality of what encompasses UX Design. Several great entries calling attention to the important bonds design can create with the subconscious and affect behavior for users. Lastly we look at Behavioral Activation, the absurd Wordle clones that would make Arthur Fonzarelli proud, NeXT, and Spoon.

Have a great week!


1. UX And Evangelism: Undoing What’s Undoing UX
“We need to say this out loud: CX and UX practitioners at all levels (even experts and managers) are hired into companies that don’t understand what we do. We are then put on teams and projects where they don’t understand what we do. Everybody else wants to do what we do… or what they think UX is. They think our work is easy and anybody can do it.”

2. How To Advocate And Evangelize User Experience
“There are lots of classifications and forms to provide a visual overview of the User Experience field. The truth is that UX is a pretty high level term and often too ambiguous for people outside the field. What does UX exactly mean? Is it a philosophy, a process, a guideline, a standard, a discipline?”

3. Design For The Subconscious

“Using a theory of the subconscious to create powerful connections between products and users.”

4. Archetypes In Design: Understanding Behaviour As A Network
“Archetypes as a data framework for better, faster, and more meaningful design research.”

5. Why E-Commerce Is Failing People And The Planet
“We need to stop designing with blinders and scaling solutions designed for the individual.”

6. Why A Company Is Not A Family — And How Companies Can Bond With Their Employees Instead
“When companies overuse the word “family,” the results are rarely positive. Indeed, pushing for family levels of commitment can actually do damage to company culture and morale. Below, I’ll explain how the “family” metaphor can lead to dysfunction — and the steps that leaders can take to transform their dysfunctional work families back into the thriving work teams they sought to build in the first place.”

7. You’ve Done Self Care. You’ve Languished. Now Try This.
“We want to feel motivated, and to get unstuck. The question, of course, is: How? Sometimes when we are languishing and feeling exhausted — emotionally, physically, socially or spiritually — the best thing we can do is rest. But at a certain point, rest creates inertia. Our minds and our bodies are as recovered as they’re going to be. Yet we still feel off. At this point, many can benefit from deploying a psychological concept called behavioral activation.”

8. Wordle Clones Have Jumped The S_ARK

“Four Wordle puzzles at once? That was so five hours ago. Now, a site called Sedecordle has come up with a version that lets you do no less than 16 Wordle-style puzzles at a time, following the path of Octordle (eight), Quardle (four) and Dordle (two).”

9. NeXT Logo
“Next, Inc. (stylized as NeXT) was an American computer company founded in 1985 by Steve Jobs after after he resigned from Apple Computer following a dispute with John Sculley. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the company specialized in high-end computer platform that targeted the higher education and business markets.”

10. And Lucifer Makes 10: Cheryl Waters & Spoon In Conversation
“Fast forward to 2022 and I’m still spinning a double dose of Spoon on the airwaves, however as of today I have 10 full-length releases to choose from. Lucifer on the Sofa is the band’s latest addition to the catalog, out on Matador today. The homecoming record saw the band returning to Texas roots on the precipice of the COVID-19 pandemic. A warm slice of rock ‘n’ roll pie, this is a record made for remembering the good times and togetherness.”