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Hello All

Dark UX Patterns came up in conversation several times this week and I wanted to shine a light on them and why they should be avoided at all costs. It has been a troubling week in the world, though I hope some of these articles provide a bit of a momentary intellectual distraction.


1. Dark Patterns In UX: How Designers Should Be Responsible For Their Actions
“Overall, this article highlights how creating Dark Patterns is not a good, ethical practice and how designers should be responsible for their actions and focus on creating transparency with the users instead of manipulating them.”

2. What Are Dark Patterns In UX Design?
“A dark pattern is a deceptive user experience that takes advantage of the way people habitually use websites and apps in order to get users to do something they didn’t intend to.”

3. The Real Impact Of Dark UX Patterns
“Dark UX is short-term thinking at the expense of reputation and brand loyalty.”

4. 9 Expert Tips To Build A Thriving Remote Culture
“The traditional office landscape is changing – and with this new way of work, new challenges are arising. One of these challenges is building a positive culture when your entire team is working remotely.”

5. Why UX Designers Are Still Ignored
“The 2 essential layers of consideration for influence and impact.”

6. Employee Onboarding Guide By Jessica Powell
“You’re a new manager about to hire a small team. You had zero onboarding to your role, and you want to do a better job for your own employees. What’s a lightweight onboarding process that will not take up hours of your time?”

7. HR And UX Design : A New Way To Approach Your Employer Brand
“In our mind, the corporate culture is the the HR product. The HR is the owner of the vision, is able to pilot it relying on KPIs and is the unbreakable link between the executive committee and the employees.”

8. How A Book Is Made
“Have you ever wondered how a book becomes a book? Join us as we follow Marlon James’s “Moon Witch, Spider King” through the printing process.”

9. UX Books: 15+ Of The Best Must-Reads In 2021
“There’s a lot of information on UX out there. If you want to learn more about UX, become a UX designer, or just improve yourself as a designer reading a book can be of great help. With that many books available, knowing where to begin can be difficult. Our reading list of top UX books and recommendations is a great place to start.”

10. How Simple Exercises May Save Your Lower Back
“Back pain is common and complicated. But altering your workout to build control and stability can help prevent it.”

11. Interview: Brad Klausen
“Ever have the dream of writing a letter to one of your favorite musicians and having them write back to you? How about writing them a letter, asking them if they’d like for you to make them posters? And then step it up a notch — ever dream of them getting back in touch and offering you a full time job? Probably not, because it sounds awfully far fetched.”