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Hello All

As we head into February 2022, I wanted to restart a practice of sharing UX & Product Design focused articles with the team. Hopefully, these articles will help inspire discussions and thought amongst us all. Some are rather UX focused, some may be contextual to our specific client work, while others are bit more whimsical. Hope you enjoy these.

1. The Art Of Building A Strong UX Team Culture
“Good companies are run by smart and driven individuals. Great companies are run by teams unified by purpose, mission and values.”

2. The Role Of The UX Designer In An Agile Product Team
“Good UX Design relies on an environment, process and team that support good UX Design. If the environment, process and team aren’t quite in place, I would argue that it’s the job of the UX Designer to speak up and take part in shaping them.”

3. Match The Visual Fidelity Of Your Design To Your Progress Addressing The UX
“If you show something shiny, they’ll assume it’s done”

4. It’s Time To Stop Measuring Productivity
“Output over time is a good way to measure the impact of machines, not knowledge workers.”

5. Designing Complex User Forms: 12 UX Best Practices
“Tips on how to make something complex look simple”

6. Wordle UX: Sometimes A Game Just Feels Good
“How can we explain something so simple yet so popular?”

7. Anatomy Of A Design Pitch
“Building and telling good design ideas from a straightforward standpoint can be a powerful weapon in business.”

8. Why Does The Demolition Of A Marcel Breuer House Matter?
“The Geller house embodied the optimistic, now-vanished values of postwar suburbia: technological progress and a lifestyle built around children’s needs.”

9. The Radical Innovations Of The Perfect Beatles Song
“55 years ago this week, The Beatles entered EMI Abbey Road Studios for what would arguably be the most revolutionary week of their recording career. Working closely with their beloved producer George Martin and an eager young EMI engineer named Geoff Emerick, the band developed a slew of innovative new techniques that would forever change their sound and the sound of pop music.”

Have an article you found inspiring or interesting? Please send it to me for the following week’s list.