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Hello All

After recently trying to battle/block an explosion of email and phone spam  – I started researching hardening my installs of macOS/iOS and building up stronger privacy filters. Concurrently I have been cutting down distractions, namely many on my phone with great results. I found several great resources worthy of sharing, along success with installing Nord VPN and LittleSnitch. I am sure much of this will be old hat for many, though some wonderful security nuggets may be useful to some.
Hardening macOS
A relatively simple how to guide to harden macOS.
macOS Security and Privacy Guide
An in-depth how to guide that goes beyond the first guide.
macOS Security Overview
A detailed overview of macOS security by Apple.
How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You
A really wonderful guide on turning down the noise on your phone.
How to Stop Apps From Tracking Your Location
Stopping location tracking.
Curious if others have any other recommendations or resources worth sharing.