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Hello All

More great links as well, most notably the Chaos Engineering. Lastly another great post about how to prototype effectively with Sketch. We have been increasing our work with Sketch and InVision, both of which have been helping save valuable time. Every second counts.

Have a great week.


1. Google has rejoined the messaging wars with its artificially intelligent app, Allo
Will Google make any headway in the app messaging game with their new app?

2. Principles of Chaos Engineering
“I was listening to a presentation from the StarWest virtual conference. The speaker was a manager at Netflix, and he was describing chaos testing that they do at Netflix. There were 2 takeaways from the talk, that I wanted to share, as I found it very interesting.” (talks about what chaos engineering is) (visualization tool for displaying traffic)

3. 10 Tips On Prototyping With Sketch
Since it was purpose-built for web and mobile design, it’s no surprise that Sketch is one of the fastest and most versatile tools for designing prototypes. And these 10 tips make it even more powerful.