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Hello All

More great posts this week!

Have a great week.


1. Reflections of an Old Programmer
“Everything he writes in this will somehow or someway strike a chord with us as we age in this tech industry if it hasn’t already.”

2. Edge Detection Algorithms
“Found this while researching auto-cropping techniques.”

3. Apple’s Phil Schiller says the biggest criticism of removing the headphone jack is ‘pure conspiracy theory’
“Basically, the company’s decision boiled down to letting go of a single-use analog port to create more room inside the phone’s case for a larger battery, additional camera components, and the Taptic Engine haptic system that enables the new not-a-button home button. And it made it slightly easier to waterproof the phone. These are all good arguments! It’s debatable whether they are good enough arguments, but there is no denying that Apple has its reasons.”

4. Inside iPhone 7: Why Apple Killed The Headphone Jack
“Apple VP Greg Joswiak is grinning as he holds up what is easily the smallest iPhone adapter I have ever seen. iPod white and about the length of a matchstick, it’s designed to connect audio headphones with an industry standard 3.5-millimeter analog plug to the Lightning port on Apple’s newest iPhone, which no longer bears the industry standard jack they require to work.”