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Hello All

Welcome to November! Autumn is in full swing and here are the more weekly inspired reads to keep you thinking about users, products, and services. Have a great week.


1. This Map of the World Just Won Japan’s Prestigious Design Award
“This is the winner of Japan’s annual design award Good Design Award. The award can go to anything in just about any category. This year it was for a world map. This map is special because it is more geographically accurate than the map most of us grew up with (known as the Mercator Projection map). There’s a combination of math, science, and art that combine to create this multi-disciplinary piece. It’s amazing but I doubt we’ll ever adopt it until we become a space-faring civilization.”

2. 3 Pillars of the Most Successful Tech Products
Perhaps the hardest part about running a new business is knowing what to prioritize. There are hundreds of decisions to make, and keeping sight of what’s important and what’s not is a constant challenge. But when it comes to helping teams stay focused, I have found one model to be extremely useful: it’s called the GEM framework… A company’s job is to find a sustainable way to deliver value to customers, employees, and shareholders. To do this, the company must never lose sight of its GEM: its growth, engagement, and monetization.

3. Build Better Products
“A modern approach to building successful user-c entered products. It’s easier than ever to build a new product. But developing a great product that people actually want to buy and use is another story.”

4. Hero Patterns
“A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns for you to use on your digital projects.”

5. How About A Nice Game of Chess?
“Welcome to The Riddler. Every week, I offer up a problem related to the things we hold dear around here: math, logic, and probability. These problems, puzzles, and riddles come from many top-notch puzzle folks around the world – including you!”