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Hello All

Several great videos in this week’s UXD Weekly Inspired Reads edition. Note the great Sketch3 VR plugin, this could be quite useful! The Nasa code is amazing.

1. Hardware Hacking Sega Saturn
Great example of hardware reverse engineering hackery.

2. Sketch Plugin: Sketch to VR
This is pretty cool: “Turn your mocks into VR.”

3. Top 10 UX Blogs You Should Start Following
“Creating a good user experience requires diligent research, inspiration, staying up to date with latest trends and of course, your own instincts.”

4. These Are the 5 Best TED Talks Ever, According to the Guy Who Runs TED
“The event’s boss names the talks that have taught him the most.”

5. The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule
“When programmers at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory set out to develop the flight software for the Apollo 11 space program in the mid-1960s, the necessary technology did not exist. They had to invent it.”

6. Lepton Image Compression: Saving 22% from Images at 15MB/s
“It’s finally here! Middle Out!”

7. Johnny T’s NYC Tourist Tips
“Planning a trip to NYC? Listen to Johnny T, and you’ll have a great time.”

Have a great weekend!