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Hello All –

1. Experience Design Will Become Increasingly Important.
“Retail shopping is not solely about the transactional experience any more. It’s about going into a store, feeling the vibe of that brand and getting that bigger lifestyle out of it. Right now that’s very much an urban, high-end experience, so how do we do that in a more populous way? We are looking a lot at the mall K11 in Hong Kong, and how they have incorporated so many different things in their experience, from having art everywhere to farms that are growing mushrooms that you can pick and have incorporated into your meal to programs for kids. And it’s all very-well curated, so there are always new exhibitions and programs.”

2. Don Norman: The term “UX”
“We asked Don what he feels about the way people are using terms like “UX” and “user experience” these days.” Don Norman, Ph.D., is co-founder and principal of Nielsen Norman Group: User Experience Research, Training, and Consulting.

3. Heidi Grant Halvorson: “No One Understands You and What To Do About It” | Talks At Google
In particular, she talks about what it’s like to communicate with people in business settings. How we write emails and our “Warmness” when speaking to strangers can change people’s perception of our knowledgeability.

4. Mythical Perfect Hour Estimation
“I like to share this blog post I wrote up a while back. I’ve seen companies map Fibonacci sequences to hour buckets and some straight up use hour estimations which actually complicates the SCRUM process. This question comes up very often during scrum adopting. Feedback much appreciated. – Kwan”

5. The Secret Code To Unleashing The World’s Most Amazing Flavors
“MY FIRST RESTAURANT, Momofuku Noodle Bar, had an open kitchen. This wasn’t by choice—I didn’t have enough money or space to put it farther away from the diners. But cooking in front of my customers changed the way I look at food. In the early years, around 2004, we were improvising new recipes every day, and I could instantly tell what was working and what wasn’t by watching people eat. A great dish hits you like a Whip-It: There’s momentary elation, a brief ripple of pure pleasure in the spacetime continuum. That’s what I was chasing, that split second when someone tastes something so delicious that their conversation suddenly derails and they blurt out something guttural like they stubbed their toe.”

Woo hoo!