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Hello All –

Another week, another set of great links.

1. A Product Manager’s Job
“Product management is one of the hardest jobs to define in any organization, partially because it’s different in every company. I’ve had several recent conversations about “what is a product manager…”

2. Snapchat and the Art of Upstreaming
A friend has some good commentary on SnapChat & upstreaming:
“Thoughts on Snapchat’s move into photo management: For many people, myself included, Snapchat has become their primary camera/video app. The decorations, captions, filters, lenses, drawing etc are incredibly powerful tools for storytelling and…”

3. Mark My Words: Medium Will Win — Here’s Why
“People laugh at me and my ideas all the time.”

4. Meet the Man Who Settled Catan
“Move over Monopoly, there’s a newer board game in town. “Settlers of Catan,” a game night classic modeled after the Vikings’ journey to Iceland, has sold over 24 million copies since its release in 1994. Creator Klaus Teuber lives in Germany, where running the Catan empire has become a family affair and a global operation.”

5. The Man Who Built Catan
“In the eighties, Klaus Teuber was working as a dental technician outside the industrial city of Darmstadt, Germany. He was unhappy. “I had many problems with the company and the profession,” he told me. He started designing elaborate board games in his basement workshop. “I developed games to escape,” he said. “This was my own world I created.””

6. What the Heck’s a Hyperloop?
Amazing: “From CNET Magazine: If Elon Musk has his way, we could soon travel at nearly the speed of sound.”
Hyperloop Paper:

Have a great week!