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Hello All

Some great reads, listens, & videos out there this week.

1. Elon Musk Code Conference 2016 interview
Elon Musk is a brilliant visionary that enjoys spending time with his kids. Great interview.

2. Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report
KPCB’s Mary Meeker spells out some very useful information.

3. Video Of The Week: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends
Follow up comments on Fred Wilson’s blog.

4. Marc Andreessen isn’t admitting there’s a tech bubble, but he’s coming pretty close
“This ‘fail fast’ thing is, frankly, completely out of hand,” Andreessen told Tim Ferriss, an entrepreneur best known for the “four-hour work week” notion, in a recent interview. “When I was a founder, when I first started out, we didn’t have the word pivot, right? We didn’t have a fancy word for it. We just called it a fuck up.”

5. Marc Andreessen — Lessons, Predictions, and Recommendations from an Icon
Marc’s aforementioned interview with Tim Ferriss.

6. The inside story of Apple’s forgotten project to change how we explore the world from our computers
My former professor at NYU had worked to develop Apple QuickTime VR. An interesting view of their work.