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Hello All –

Here’s the weekly UXD Reading list. This week’s theme is thinking about the end user, the customer, the ones who keep the lights on for all of us. Read something great? Please send over some submissions! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

1. When Websites Won’t Take No for an Answer
“He even has a name for the exploitative techniques: “dark patterns.” To him, these are debased versions of the typical sign-up, sharing, shopping, checkout and download processes that are standard practice online. “It’s a term for patterns that are manipulative, that you are doing on purpose to get one over on users,” Mr. Brignull said when I recently called him.”

2. Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved
“Compelling voices and stories, real and raw talent, new ideas that actually serve or delight an audience, brands that have meaning and ballast; these are things that matter in the next age of media. Thinking of your platform as an actual platform, not a delivery method. Knowing you’re more than just your words. Thinking of your business as a product and storytelling business, not a headline and body-copy business. Thinking of your audience as finite and building a sustainable business model around that audience — that’s going to matter. Thinking about your 10 year plan and not a billion dollar valuation — that’s going to matter.”

3. Why (and how) marketers should build empathy for their customers

4. Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey
Guess where our next team trip will be? Right across the street!

5. Boeing VIP Jet Turns Heads
Eye candy!

6. Adobe XD
Adobe has launched XD as their Sketch3 app killer. It is interesting to see how Adobe reacts to all of the tremendous Interaction Design tools like Sketch, Balsamic, OmniGraffle, Flinto and their counterparts. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are tools meant for another purpose. I spend 90% of my time using Sketch on OS X. Let’s see how this product fares.

7. studioJDK: An arch-vis story
For those of you who have never used SketchUp – it makes 3D rendering simple. Great for designing structures, additions, places.

8. Design at 1x—It’s a Fact
More great design tips, no matter what medium you be in.

9.1 Ferris’s interview with BJ Miller
A long one, but another good one. Perfect for a long drive.

9.2 What really matters at the end of life.
Sometime last week about death and hospice care. Really makes you put things into perspective about life. Also recommended.