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A new set of links focused on a few topics: Climate Change, Creative Imposter Syndrome, UX, The Simpsons & Apu, Google Material Design, Amazon’s meteoric growth, and lastly, the ITP Spring Show.

Have a great week.


1. Earth’s Atmosphere Just Crossed Another Troubling Climate Change Threshold
“For the first time since humans have been monitoring, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have exceeded 410 parts per million averaged across an entire month, a threshold that pushes the planet ever closer to warming beyond levels that scientists and the international community have deemed “safe.””

2. Creative Imposter Syndrome: How Do You Get Over It?
“Imposter syndrome can be especially prevalent among creatives–In/Visible’s Arianna Orland knows firsthand. Here’s how she works through it.”

3. Google’s Material Design Grows Up At I/O — Here’s Everything You Need To Know
“So contrary to the very specific look and style that shipped with classic Material Design, Google has instead decided that the way forward is providing the tools and guardrails for developers and designers to create beautiful apps across platforms with their own language. Meanwhile, the Material Design components are still serving as the ideological baseline for the system.”

4. Mercedes-Benz’s New MBUX System Will Feature Wireless CarPlay
“Every other automaker that offers CarPlay currently uses a wired implementation that requires connecting the iPhone to the system with a Lightning to USB cable. The platform is available in well over 300 vehicle models, and it’s generally considered to be a highly desired feature with strong customer satisfaction.”

5. What it Was Like To Be One Of The First Female Fighter Pilots
“Shults is one of a small sisterhood: the women who have served as military aviators. Even though restrictions on women flying aircraft in combat were lifted 25 years ago, the percentage of military pilots who are women remains around 6.5 percent — and is comparable in the commercial industry, where many pilots land after training and careers in the armed services. In the wake of Shults’s moment in the news, other pioneering women in military aviation considered what it meant to be among the few in a field still dominated by men, why the gender balance has remained so stubbornly lopsided and whether the armed services have done enough to make the history and the roles of these women publicly known.”

6. A Reckoning For Apu, ‘The Simpsons’ And Brownface
“Last week brought Indian-Americans of my generation some relief: Hank Azaria, the white actor who has voiced Apu for 29 seasons, told Stephen Colbert that he is willing to stop playing the character because he now understands why
Apu is troubling to the community that he is supposed to represent. “My eyes have been opened,” Mr. Azaria said. “And I think the most important thing is that we have to listen to South Asian people, Indian people in this country when they talk about what they feel and how they think about this character.””

7. The Race To Save Arctic Cities As Permafrost Melts
“Permafrost is any stretch of ground—including soil and bedrock—that remains frozen for two years or more. The top layer, the “active layer,” freezes and thaws with the seasons, but the layer beneath stays at 0 degrees Celsius for multiple years. Or it’s supposed to, anyway. As temperatures soar and snow blankets the earth in new weather patterns, even permafrost that’s been around for thousands of years is beginning to give way. The landscape of the Arctic is changing more than it has since the end of the last Ice Age.”

8. Amazon: Glimpses of Shoeless Joe?
“It was just over two weeks ago that I started my posts on the FANG stocks, starting with Facebook, which I decided to buy, because I felt that notwithstanding its current pariah status, its user base was too valuable to pass by, at the prevailing market price. I then looked at Netflix, a company that has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to the challenges thrown at it, while changing the entertainment business, but is, at least in my view, in a content cost/user cycle that will be difficult to break out of. With Alphabet, the cash cow that is its advertising business is allowing it to invest in the big new markets of tomorrow, and even with low odds and very little substance today, these bets can make or break the investment. That leaves me with the longest listed and perhaps the most intriguing of the four stocks, Amazon, a company whose reach seems to expand into new markets each year.”

9. ITP Spring Show 2018
“A two day exhibition of recent creative interactive projects by the graduate students of ITP.
– Tuesday, May 15 – 4-8pm
– Wednesday, May 16 – 4-8pm
ITP, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
721 Broadway, 4th Floor South, New York NY 10003