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Hello All-

More great posts this week. The NYTimes piece is my favorite, albeit strong. Reading the article and watching the video are highly recommended.

Have a great weekend.


1. “Uncle” Bob Martin – “The Future of Programming” (from Kwan)
“Uncle Bob’s (disclosure, I’m a fan) talk on why we lack discipline in software engineering. And why scrum falls apart without discipline. He’s been harping on this point for years. I agree mostly with him on some points, but I found this video interesting he asks “where do these computer programmers come from? Computer science degrees didn’t exists in years after Alan Turing”. 🙂 ”

2. Software startup abandons try at boss-free workplace (from Don)
“Pinged Sz many times on why this wouldn’t work, turns out he was right.”

3. The Mastermind
More than just an sport article, this entry details why a strong and concistent process helps build successful teams. “Theo Epstein walks to and from Wrigley, eats lunch in the empty bleachers and wants Chicago to see the ivy turn red in October. The Cubs president may be nearing middle age, but his love of the game is shining through more than ever.”

4. The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano
“Afraid of dying? Don’t be. Over a period of three years, I stood by my friend’s side while he became homeless and obese, got disfiguring plastic surgery, had a stroke, became an alcoholic, and got busted for insider trading. Then I watched him die — seven different ways. And, truthfully, it may have been the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”

5. Apple macOS Onboarding Guide
Apple’s on-boarding guide to their latest OS formerly known as OS X release.