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Hello All

Several links for your weekend. There is much work to be done, good work. Keep the faith.


1. Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines
iOS 10 has been released and is out in the wild. With the upcoming FlightBag work, all the more reason for a refresh.

2. Google Material Design
And to be sure we cover all bases, don’t forget Material Design.

3. The Links Between Creativity and Depression
“And how the design industry can tackle mental health.”

4. Reducing Cognitive Overload For A Better User Experience
The best user experience is the one the user doesn’t notice. It appears smooth and simple on the surface, but hundreds of crucial design decisions have been made to guide, entertain, and prevent trouble.

5. UX Personas: Lighthouses and Little Lies
“A major difference between knowing a skill and mastering it is knowing when not to use it and how you can change it.”