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1. Hiring Juniors
A great piece on how to nature talent and restock the developer ecosystem.

2. Particle Fever
Stunning preview.

3. Procreate
A reason enough to buy an iPad Pro & Apple Pencil.

4. BJ Fogg – Behavior Design
I have long been a fan of BJ Fogg’s work upon Behavior Design. I will send out more related links in the coming weeks, but his site is a great primer & resource.

5. Habit Design
One of his disciples is Michael Kim, founder of Habit Design. More relevant information here:

6. Why Playing in the Dirt Matters in Building Your Business Empire
Gary Vaynerchuk writing upon the age old belief, use your products daily and always hone your craft.

7. Learn to Code: 13 Tips that Could Save You Years of Effort
This week’s final entry. Whether you are new to programming or an experienced hand learning a new language, there is a wealth of information online, which is constantly being updated, to help you learn. No wonder universities are struggling to keep up. Higher education will be fundamentally different in a decade.