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This week’s UXD Reading batch.

1. Creating Charts in Sketch 3:

2. PowerPoint Does Rocket Science–and Better Techniques for Technical Reports
Thinking about PowerPoint & Keynote presentations reminded me of Edward Tufte’s work.

3. CMS releases new batch of research data from LHC (From Nate):
CERN recently open-sourced 300TB of collected data from the LHC 😀

4. CERN CMS (From Yi):

5. Being A Developer After 40
A great article, no matter what your age may be.

6. Prince – While His Guitar…
For those of you who are Prince fans, this may be one of the best eulogies about his sheer brilliance and eloquence as an artist.

7. Robert Leonardi’s Interactive Resume
Pretty amazing work here.

8. Don’t Make Me Think
Loads of really great content on Safari. Including seminal reads like Steve Krug’s book ‘Don’t Make Me Think’.

9. Sourdough Bread Recipe
I know this one is out of left field; but often times when thinking about solving a problem, I find doing tasks like kneading dough or taking a shower are the best ways to solve programming & design problems.