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Step 7: Add to Sauce

By Wednesday, January 31, 2007No Comments

Back again to pasta, this was another inspiration from Lidia. Since leaving frog and coming back from Hawai’i – I’ve been working from home one several ideas. Needless to say all of this cooking has two purposes; 1 – creative outlet, 2 – practice. oh and having something good to eat that you’ve made on your own hasn’t been bad either. It’s funny to really change some habits, like eating out, and see the difference. Since mid December, i’ve been slowly cooking more and more at home. I think i got out to eat twice a week tops. I’m saving money, eating well, and practicing quite a bit. NYC kitchens are small, which makes it harder to cook, but you can still make some good stuff. Here you can see the nearly finished product. I added too much filler (bread crumbs, etc) to this set of meatballs, but once you lightly fry them, and cook them in the sauce – they take on a whole new flavor.

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