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A Long Time Coming…

By Wednesday, January 31, 2007No Comments

Tonight, well early on the am of the 31st, Rich reminded me that I haven’t posted in some time. It’s been on my mind to post, but I found other things to keep me busy. Let’s see if I can recap.

A Cousin was visiting with me, the trip took a little longer than expected, but all went well and after Thanksgiving, my place was all mine again. I did make some kick ass creme brulée at home, see below for a few pics.  I completed my work at frog design, and began december with a great trip to hawai’i.  i was gone for nearly two weeks, saw a few pearl jam shows, surfed some waves, caught some sights, and ate quite well.

So now that i’m back on schedule – I’ll be posting once a day, if not more.  Thanks for the reminder and subtle push Rich.  blog on…

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