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proce55ing… proce55ing… proce55ing…

By Sunday, September 18, 20052 Comments

there are some great projects on the creative act blog that have been done in proce55ing. i don’t know how to develop proce55ing apps, but it’s high time to learn.

I googled proce55ing and some assorted keywords and I found this example on the proce55ing site:

cool! this is crazy, why didn’t i learn this last year or two years ago?

intrigued, i asked a friend of mine, “say friend, what say you about this proce55ing movement.”

said friend replied, “well i use it to mock up apps and LED arrays”.

ah i responded. though i siliently mutted to myself, “that’s just crazytalk!” regardless my attention has not wavered.

so what now? each day for the next week, i’m going to try my hand at making each daily creative act in proce55ing. it’s a means to an end for me to learn proce55ing, which i’m beginning to get sick of typing as proce55ing.

oh yes, what inspired me? all the great processing apps on list.


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