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You: “I’m so sorry! I had no wi-fi” Me: BS!

By Friday, September 16, 2005No Comments

“I’m so sorry i can’t get this post up”

Why are you so sorry? why can’t you get your act together? why can’t you post it on time? What the fuck is so important that you can’t spare twenty minutes?

“i didn’t have the right software on my machine.”

i mean really, c’mon! we’re in grad school. focus!

“my internet connection was down”

bullshit! let’s face it, you waited till the last moment. or maybe you got drunk. maybe you decided that you really didn’t give a crap. maybe you didn’t have anything “creative” to post.

“you have no right to judge my work or my Creative Act”

oh yeah? yeah well i call bullshit. there, i said it. and i don’t give a crap what you think. you can throw some gum at me if you want, or you can even make fun of my awful posts. you can sneer at me, or even email me and call me a jerk. you know what i say? go for it. call me out.

make me hate the work i did. try and make me regret writing this. make me me feel embarrassed for being a pot calling the kettle black. tell me that i have done the same thing i’m yelling at you for doing. go for it!

you know what, i’ll even help you. pick one or all of the posts. rip them apart. tell me that i didn’t put any thought into them, or that I was too busy chewing gum rather than thinking of gum as something beyond that stuff you chew.

you know what? i hate your lame excuses, they piss me off. i want to feel the rush, the pressure of the competition. i want to hate your work so much that i secretly love it. i want you to push me and everyone else. i want you to make us all better. so have at it, lay into my work (or lack thereof) so we can grow.

you know why? cause we’re not going to get better unless we turn it up. so there, i’ve thrown down the gauntlet. perhaps it was already thrown down, and i’ve been the one who hasn’t pushed my work. well i’m ready now, are you? i need your help.

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