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UbiqMob: Assignment Number 2

By Tuesday, February 15, 2005No Comments

Describe any text-messaging application you’ve had an experience with.
A few years back I had signed up for Major League Baseball email alerts from Yahoo! Sports. Now they are offering text messaging alerts.

Tell us about what the product does, the user experience and what you could do to improve that experience.
The product did a simple thing. it would email you the final game score and basic stats for a specific baseball team’s games. I chose to recieve alerts for the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. Since I recieved these alerts in my yahoo email account, I was able to view these emails from my Sprint cellphone. Using their wirless web, I was able to connect to Yahoo! and check my email and see the scores of a game if I was unablet to watch, listen, or read the scores.

The problem with the service then and now is that you could not track a specific player. If I wanted to know the specific stats of a player during the season, I would have to look it up online or read it in a newspaper. I always thought that this infomation would be useful to baseball enthusiasts, statisticians, and fantasy baseball players. Just like one could select a tean, it would be easy to select a player and receive txt alerts if one was unable to watch, view hightlights, etc etc…

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