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ITPUbiquitous Mobile Computing

UbiqMob: Assignment Number 1

By Tuesday, February 15, 2005No Comments

Why did you take this class?
Hi my name is Mohit SantRam and I’m a second year student at ITP. I’ve worked on a few cellphone applications, most notably Bickr and Socialight. Aside from loving my digital camera, i LOVE my cameraphone. i’m addicted to flickr and I want to improve my cellphone development skills. I took cellphonia last semester and though the class was a bust, i picked up a lot of ideas that i’d like to continue developing in this class.

What type of projects do you want to work on?
i love mobbloging and the social effects of sharing photos on the fly. as cellphones become more and more advanced the development space will become imporant. i’m taking big games this semester and i would like to incorporate cell apps into project ideas. i am also improving bickr and the strength of the bickr experience.

What skills (technical / design) do you have?
html, php, mysql, web, design, etc. etc…

What type of phone / provider do you have?
i have a nokia 6630 and i use t-mobile. yay.

Tell us about your favorite use of mobile phones (outside text’ing friends and calling your parents).
I love being able to take pictures anytime I want or when the moment strikes me. When I got my digital camera, I swore I would never go to a photo development place, unless I was getting a print made. Nearly four years later, I never looked back, until I got my cameraphone. Now my digital camera is collecting dust. Who wants to carry three devices when they can carry one? Where’s my tri-corder?

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