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Designing Digital Products – Thoughts

By Monday, October 11, 2004No Comments

1. We start with Mo’s user Tony & his use of the Time warner DVR. We map out his experience & the mental model he follows. Here is where I am getting lost, what is the format for the experience map & mental model: should it be a chart or diagram or is that up to us?

2. Redesign based on the mental model of the user. In this case, we could work around Tony’s frustrations about some of the features

3. At some point, Robert also said we must redesign based along some other vector: for instance, I understand this DVR system as based along tasks, what if we redesigned along time or tools?

primarily your design. the analysis is what you presented this week. you will need to refer to the patterns and findings from this week but focus on articulating the interaction model for your redesign and how it fits with the perceived mental model and experience of your subjects.

hi robert,
the presentation should be the analysis of what’s existing, our own redesign of it, or both?

some questions have been raised around the format for this week’s assignment. and, in truth, the format is flexible. but I am looking for two things:

1. articulation of the experience map / mental model / interaction model (one or more of these expressed visually, through a some kind of diagram or one act play)

2. illustration of how the interaction model works, played out across a few key tasks. Your assignment should cover both the screen display and hard controls on remote the display and hard controls of the remote (this would be expressed literally, through wireframes and screen designs)

please let me know if you have any further questions. also please come early if you need to load up content ahead of time. and please deliver this and all asisgnments to me as a set of self contained files so that they can be archived and viewed offline.


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