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By Saturday, October 9, 2004No Comments

The meeting went well yesterday, though we need to spend more time thinking about different ideas and approaches. It seems like we’ve walked away from the first four ideas, some of them just don’t seem practical. We looked at a bunch of different ideas and even spoke about the music sharing platform. whomever can figure out how to make sharing files between devices, platforms, users, and language barriers will indeed make a lot of money. we spoke a lot about games and what we liked and disliked. What if we ran a huge version of The Amazing Race in NYC? Should this be a project for Frank Lantz’s Big Games?

I’m not sure where the project is headed so far, but I’m really excited from the talk that Marko Ahtisaari from Nokia gave to us at ITP yesterday. It was quite exciting to hear about the activity and energy that they are putting behind cell phone development. Phones as a Hackable Platform.

Mobile Phones are:

The small UI of a phone requires that we not only consider the presentation, but the interaction between humans and their cell phones. More notes and thoughts to come.


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