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Hello All

We start off this week with a great look at Airbus and their assembly line. Some really amazing photographs as well as content that covers their build process. When we think about “safety” at FlightSafety, how many of us are thinking about all of the work that goes into building and maintaining our aircrafts? Some great food for thought. Several UXD links as well as Data Privacy, Product Design, and how modern design tools help us create physical objects with speed, precision, and a lot of attention to detail.

Thanks everyone for reading and submitting links to the list. Have a great weekend.


1. A Look Inside Airbus’s Epic Assembly Line
“A confluence of political and economic forces has prompted Europe’s largest airplane manufacturer to place a factory in Alabama — and to create one of the world’s most gargantuan supply chains.”

2. ITP Spring Show 2017!
“A two day exhibition of creative interactive projects by the graduate students of ITP.”
ITP is located at 721 Broadway in New York City. Show dates are Tuesday, May 16, 5-9pm & Wednesday, May 17, 4-8pm

3. Hacking Design Sprints To Work Better For Your Business
” During the Q&A, someone asked, “How often should we run design sprints?” Yikes. In our business, we need to run them much more frequently. In fact, we need design sprints to be the foundation of our entire design process.”

4. How and why we built the Marvel Styleguide
“After I joined Marvel in August last year, the first project I worked on was our new styleguide. At that time, Marvel was doing a lot of things well. The brand was fun, the UI was simple, colors were bright and animations were snappy. There was a lot to love. But as Marvel continues to grow, both as a product and a company, one challenge we are faced with is learning how to refine Marvel’s identity and apply it cohesively to each of our products in such a way that everyone on the team has a similar understanding of how Marvel should look, feel and function.”

5. Creating and Maintaining the Marvel Style Guide in Sketch
“The essence of digital product design lies in identifying problems, solving those and improving user experiences; the visual part of things should merely be an enhancement to it all, not a blocker. One way to stop spending time fiddling with font sizes and spacing, whilst improving consistency, is to build a comprehensive collection of highly-reusable design elements and decide on a set of rules for combining them together.”

6. Sketch for Print Design!
“Sketch was never intended for print design, but I’ve used it for tons of projects. This is how:”

7. How to Protect Your Privacy as More Apps Harvest Your Data
“In the real world, your personal life is a private space. But in tech, your personal data is a ripe resource for businesses to harvest in their own interests.”

8. This is one of Jack Dorsey’s early sketches of what became a $7 billion business (from Dan)
“If you think Square’s design is simple now …”

9. Here’s the first look at how Elon Musk’s ‘boring’ car tunnels will work
“Cars will be lowered into the tunnel from the roads on what Musk calls a car ‘skate.’”

10. Apple Announces $1 Billion Fund to Create U.S. Jobs in Manufacturing
“While it did not announce a new manufacturing facility with thousands of manufacturing jobs, Apple, the world’s most valuable public company, said it planned to dedicate resources to American job creation with a $1 billion fund to invest in advanced manufacturing in the United States. The company said it would announce the first investment from its new fund later this month.”

11. Infosys, an Indian Outsourcing Company, Says It Will Create 10,000 U.S. Jobs
“Facing new corporate demands and political pressure from a Trump administration that wants to curb immigrant work visas, Infosys, one of India’s leading tech outsourcing companies, said Tuesday that it will hire up to 10,000 Americans to serve its clients in the United States.”

12. How I Built a Giant Mechanical Iris Skylight with a CNC Router
“Over the years I’ve seen several implementations of cool mechanical irises used as architectural pieces. There were the incredible front doors from Chris Schaie and the Nautilus art car’s iris that stand out in my mind. I knew I wanted to integrate a mechanical iris into the peculiar and unique house that I live in. I started off, intending to use one as a peephole. I designed it, 3d printed it, and revised it a few times.”

13. Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans
“This year marks two important pop-culture milestones: The 40th anniversary of Star Wars on May 25, and the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band a week later, June 1. Our new album merges both into one full-length concept album titled Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans. It’s the entire Beatles album as accurately as we could record it, only now it tells the story of Star Wars: A New Hope — in order.”

“I was initially very skeptical of this when I first clicked on the link but ultimately I could not resist its sheer audacity. It’s a complete set of cover songs of The Beatles’ immortal album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” but every lyric has been modified to tell the story of “Star Wars Episode IV” in order. To be clear, the first song tells the story of Princess Leia starship absconding with the stolen plans; then each subsequent song continues to recount subsequent parts of the movie, ending with the final song narrating the destruction of the Death Star—and it all matches the track order of The Beatles’ original album.”