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Hello All

Over the last several weeks we have seen many stories about hacked email accounts & user databases, SPAM, and stolen IP. When was the last time you changed your passwords? Protect yourself, update your PWs to longer alphanumeric strings, and use a PW management tool to manage them. I am a long time user of – but plenty of other great tools are out there like to meet your needs.

1. Happy Festivus!

2. Yahoo Says 1 Billion User Accounts Were Hacked
“Yahoo, already reeling from its September disclosure that 500 million user accounts had been hacked in 2014, disclosed Wednesday that a different attack in 2013 compromised more than 1 billion accounts. The two attacks are the largest known security breaches of one company’s computer network.”

3. Yahoo Says It Was Hacked. Here’s How to Protect Yourself.
Whether you are a current or former Yahoo user, security experts have said that incidents like these could have far-reaching consequences for users beyond Yahoo’s services. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about how you can protect yourself.

4. Eight things you need to do right now to protect yourself online
“From using unique passwords for everything to utilising two-step verification and enabling encryption, here’s how to guard your privacy and stay safe.”

5. Prototyping Software for Voice
Create interactive prototypes for voice applications using Amazon Alexa, no coding required.

6. Getting Started with the Alexa Skills Kit
Learn how to give Alexa new abilities with the Alexa Skills Kit.

7. Joel Spolsky on Triangulation (from Kwan)
Triangulation 277 – Joel Spolsky
“Joel Spolsky is the CEO and founder of Stack Overflow, the premiere question and answer site about computer programming. He also founded Fog Creek Software, created Trello, and is the author of Joel on Software, one of the first (and best) computer programming blogs. Joel and Leo talk about Joel’s history with Microsoft, Juno, and Fog Creek, as well as why Stack Overflow works so well, and Fog Creek’s newest programming environment, Gomix.”

8. Win10 on ARM (from Kwan)
Windows Weekly 496 – The ARMs Have It
“Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 desktop to ARM. This is not Windows RT; it’s full Windows 10, plus an emulation layer allowing Win32 apps to work on 64-bit ARM.”

9. Robot-cooked pizza goes for a test drive in Silicon Valley.
“In Silicon Valley, the simple act of transforming flour, water and yeast into pizza just got a lot more complex—and, unsurprisingly, techie. At Mountain View’s Zume Pizza, most pie-making duties have been assumed by Georgio, Pepe, Marta, Bruno and Vincenzo—patented robots. This heavy-metal crew’s pizzas are loaded onto trucks, each with 56 computerized ovens that actually cook the pies en route right before reaching their destination (within Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Los Altos for now, and San Jose expected shortly). The result is a fresh-as-it-gets pizza to your door in five to 20 minutes after ordering.”

Happy Holidays!