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i made spicy tom yum soup

By Monday, February 19, 2007No Comments

looks good right? well i had a little help. a friend asked me for the recipe, so here it is. in most thai/asian-ethnic supermarkets, and even in most major chains, you can find the pre-made soup packets. i think i used ‘a taste of thai’ for the base.

looking at the package, it described using egg noddles. hawk and jared were over, so i had to ‘grow’ the soup. i had about a 1/4 package of spaghetti left over, which i started to boil. upon opening the package, I discovered the soup came with the noodles along with the spice mixtures. after the spaghetti and egg noddles had been drained and blanched, i followed the directions on the package. i boiled twice the amount of water, added 5 thin chicken breasts, which had been sliced in slivers. i let this mixture boil, to which i added the juice from 1.5 limes, 1.5 chopped jalapenos, 2 tomatoes, 10 sliced mushrooms, cilantro (ok i didn’t add cilantro – as i had run out. a rare occurrence in my place), 1 tablespoon of spicy thai chili sauce. and – two teaspoons of a spicy tom yum mix my aunt gave me.

without the base package and the soup mix (bottled and available in most thai markets) – i would not have been able to make the soup. but what i WAS able to do was improvise. i added ingredients in my fridge and made a really spicy soup. hawk ate some, fell off the computer, and passed out.

eat well, be well. 🙂

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