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Do Something Nice Week: Day 6 to Sketches

By Friday, February 16, 2007No Comments

i used to love to draw and recently a friend was encouraging me to draw some more. it’s a funny form of expression. if you stop for a while, you can lose a step or two. it’s like one’s handwriting skills these days. i would venture that over the last 20 years, the quality level of most people’s handwriting skills and penmanship have seriously declined. at any rate, i decided in order to get myself in the “drawing mood”, i would make + bake. so my ‘do something nice effort’ for today is just that – making my friend a breakfast muffin. while they were baking, i got my pencils out and attempted to draw a few things on the counter. i’ve certainly got some practicing to do. and with that i introduce my next theme: sketching.

good muffin

bad sketches

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