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Do Something Nice Week

By Monday, February 12, 2007No Comments

This week – I’m going to do a random act of kindness for a complete stranger. It only takes a minute to hold a door open for someone with their hands full, help someone out with directions, or smile at someone in a bad mood. Nothing much – but a simple act of kindness. Want to change the world? Want to fight global warming? Start with your own back yard and do something nice.

I don’t think you need to do something nice to get attention – I don’t like to call attention to this – but if someone did something nice for you and you didn’t even know them – wouldn’t you feel better?

Tonight I held a bus for an elderly woman by waiting in line outside the bus. I passed her and saw she was trying to get to the bus before it left. I waited, she got to the bus, I stepped out of line and wished her a good night, and went on my way.

Do Something Nice For A Complete Stranger

I was inspired tonight when running to The Home Despot for some wall anchors – the guard would not let me in. Yes they were closing, yes I was asking him for a favor to let me in – but I needed just a few, I was paying in cash, there were no other hardware stores open past 7 in NYC, except Home Front which rocks (mental note: remind ppl to go there). I asked a few times, pleading with his side of reason to let m e run in and out. I knew where they were hanging! I had cash! I almost lost my temper and said something snarky before storming out. but instead, I kept my voice even, and asked him to please help me and ask the manager.

Luckily Julie, the store manager, came to my rescue and gave me one minute. I ran downstairs, grabbed the anchors, and ran back to the register. Thanking Julie, the store manager, I was in an out of the store within two and a half minutes. Felling good, I walked past an old woman who was twenty yards away from the bus – trying to make it there before it left. I said something nice as I walked past her, and stood in line.

She got to the bus a minute or so later. I told her I hated missing buses too, she smiled, and I said good night, and went on my way. Pretty painless. 🙂

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