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blogging and the world of creativity

By Thursday, February 1, 2007No Comments

during the last few weeks, i’ve been thinking about blogging more – though i never got around to it. it takes real dedication to blog about something interesting, and to get people to read what you’ve written. but really, if you’re writing for other people, you’re sort of missing the main point. blogging is an oddly personal act, which just happens to be set in a very public, and anonymous forum. letting voyeurism take control is really easy. a friend was telling me tonight about google alerts. i never knew about them, suddenly i know how Katherine from the Moca found out about my post. In fact, my friend urged me to post about places as much as I wanted. The chances of someone reading those posts is that much more probable.

So I bit. I googled ‘google alerts’ and sure enough after setting up some alerts, and then googling those keyword, I was notified by an auto-email google monkey. Crazy – no matter how much you think you know or think you have seen – you learn something new.

The whole catalyst for getting back to blogging stemmed back to New Year’s. I had decided after the NYE celebration to actually adhere to some worthwhile and maintainable resolutions. So I made a mental list and shared with no one. I did share one – which was to voluntarily give up drinking for a while. I’m not a heavy drinker – I just wanted to see if I could give it up. After getting tossed around in the pacific ocean in kaua’i and oah’u, I decided that I needed to get in better shape. So I joined a gym near my place, emptied my fridge of beer, drank the rest of my wine – and told a few friends.

Since I’m working from home on some ideas, I didn’t want to get lazy. I also have been cooking almost all of my meals at home. After all the time at frog, my body got used to eating at snack time. I eat well – but I could stand to lose five or ten pounds. I didn’t want to get in the habit of overeating and not exercising while being in the comfort of my apt. So here we are. I hit the gym yesterday, stopped eating four hours before bedtime (which also needs to be changed), and planned some activities to get back in shape.

Aside from the usual resolutions, I also decided then to better document the work and creative projects I spend time on. I’ve been snapping pics of my cooking, but now with the Creative Act II back – it’s time to get back and complete the other half of the daily resolution; to the create something new each day and blog it. I haven’t the faintest clue about what I will work on this week – I really have missed these assignments…

ok bed time.

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