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wild mushroom gnocchi + linguine

By Wednesday, January 31, 2007No Comments

recently I’ve been watching some of lidia’s shows. my folks love her show, though it would be nice to see my mom with a show of her own. anyway lidia is like mrs. teti, except a lot younger and a lot more friendlier. when i was a kid, one of my dad’s patients was an older gentleman in his 70’s. a mushroom farmer, mr teti and his wife were a nice older italian couple who would babysit me from time to time. my mom enjoyed spending time with mrs teti, guess she reminded her of my grandma back in india; and from time to time i’d get dropped off there for the night. though there wasn’t much to do – mrs teti did make some mean pasta. maybe that’s where this comes from, but i made everything from scratch, except the linguine. though i can see the pasta machine in Mrs. Teti’s old house now…

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