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Series60 Python for OSX 10.4.5

By Monday, March 27, 2006No Comments

This step by step example was noted down from  Please visit their site for more in depth information

How to write a python for Series 60 script for OS X

Writing a script:
1. Use a text editor on Mac (or PC) to write your python script (useful editors are e.g. Pywin or ConTEXT, but also notepad works). Sometimes it is useful to start with some existing skeleton code.

2. Save your script as *.py (for python)

Testing your script:
1. Push your *.py script to your phone via bluetooth (goes to the message inbox)

2. Open the received message and install it as “Python script” (message handler recognises python files and starts the python installer)

3. Start the Series 60 python interpreter application on your phone (snake icon) -> press “options” -> select “Run script” -> select “your script” and press ok (your script should now start up)

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