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old friends

By Tuesday, February 28, 2006No Comments

a year ago, i lost an old friend, tony. in the past year i’ve often thought about how life would have been different had my friend lived. it was a freak accident, one i’m not so keen on revisiting through narrative, but suffice to say i have been thinking about him after a year has been marked. tony was a good friend, and often in life, good friends come and go. more often than not, they pass through your life as their paths unfold which may run parallel with yours for some time and then may not. a week ago, my brother and i had to say goodbye to zeke. zeke was more than just a dog, he was a family member. i tried to explain what zeke meant to me to a friend, but couldn’t put it in words. it’s times like these that remind me of all the good in the world. there is just so much to see, eat, and experience… things should never be so bad. so this day i am doing my best to remind myself of that and celebrate all the good things in the world. ranjan once asked me id i wanted to bring zeke up to nyc for the weekend. i should have, but at the time i thought he would live forever. he nearly made it to 16! i miss my little buddy, but when i think of zeke, i smile. and that’s all i could ever ask for now.

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