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7 things mr. pigeon can’t do in denver

By Saturday, January 28, 2006No Comments

that’s right pigeon, the denver po-po is watching.

i went to denver a few weeks back for a day. waiting for some friends to arrive later that evening, i explored downtown denver. my friends jeff and anh were in new orleans at the same time. as i walked around, i kept wondering what they were seeing as tourists in n.o. as i was one in denver. is it possible for n.o. to be rebuilt?

i’m not so sure about this anymore. will all the displaced people ever return to the city and pick up the pieces? perhaps, though there is much work to be done there, i wonder why it is not moreso in our nation’s collective thoughts.

last night over a few beers, a few friends and i were discussing the direction of the nation. where are the alito proceedings taking us? if the religious right continues it’s march on washington, where will our rights (no pun intended) go? similar to the time after september 2001, when nyc was re-opened for business for business, will this happen to new orleans?

i’m not convinced of anything much will change unless people begin to become more involved, myself included. think globally, act locally, right? i’m interested to see where the rebuilding of new orleans goes. is it possible for people to overtake a city? what i mean is that would it be possible for a group of concerned environmentalists, artists, and rebuilders to go down and change the direction of the reconstruction into a positve direction?

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