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ooh the internet!

By Friday, January 13, 2006No Comments

close up

Originally uploaded by mojo!.

a month back i got my little machine laser etched. lots of people seem to be doing it now: michael horan popularized it after chris cummings made it a possibility. and while most people are looking for that special statement that makes them look hip, smart, or cool; i went with something that makes me laugh. corny yes, but i thought of it, i drew it, and i love it. this is as close to a tattoo as i’ll ever get. and it’s good thing at that.

ever since i bought a 12″ ibook in the summer of 2001, i wanted more power. i wanted the power of a 15″ titanium, which i got nine months later, but within the size of a 12″. a few years later and a brief fling with an updated ibook, and i finally made the decision. although apple just ended the powerbook line with the renaming of it to macbook pro (more on this guffaw later), i’m still in love with the twelver.

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