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Creative act final proposal thoughts

By Tuesday, November 29, 2005No Comments

Part 1: Define and explore your area of interest.
Identify an area of the Creative Act (within the context of this class) that is of interest to you. Try to find something that is both general enough to apply to a range of possible creative experiences and that resonates with you on a personal level. In one page or more, fully explore this issue. Please reference any personal experiences, specific projects and writings that are relevant. Frame the issue and your interest in it as clearly as possible. If you have an idea but can’t think of how to approach thinking/writing about it, send me an email and I will try and ask you specific questions to guide you.

I, like most of us in the class, am interested in the creative process. How does it begin? What inspires us to tell our stories? How do we relate our own experiences and thoughts to our friends? Understanding the requirements of a narrative is key for survival and relevancy. But how do we self edit and display that which we think is interesting to other people? Do we tag objects? What do tags actually mean to other people and how are they relevant to anyone outside of the storyteller’s immediate circle?

Part 2: Propose a project.
In no less than one page, define a project that will allow you to directly confront and explore the area of interest that you defined above. The project should not just be a “study” of that interest… Be as specific as possible about how your area of interest is potentially addressed. Talk about methodology, materials, difficulties and their possible solutions. Try to talk about any criteria for success you might have for the final work, or for any portion of of the process. Above all find a project you will be excited to work on for two weeks…and present to the class.

I want to explore how people tell stories, through text, images, motion, video. I’m interested in understanding how people use medium to express their narratives. Beyond understanding the thought, planning, and execution of an idea to a narrative, I want to test the process by executing narratives in as many mediums as possible.

this is still a work in progress.

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