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Chocolate Souffle Experimentation

By Tuesday, October 11, 2005No Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed my Chocolate Souffle. I wanted to keep it a surprise and keep the pressure on myself to make it well.

Dust with Confectioner’s Sugar

Originally uploaded by mojo!.

flickr! Photoset

I wanted to make chocolate souffle since I always thought it was extremely difficult. Not to make, but to make well and ensure that the souffle didn’t fall. I started out the process by thinking of what I wanted to make with a bug list. Once that was done, I isolated sushi, chocolate souffle, and paella as things I wanted to make. Seeing that souffle was the item I was most interested in, I poured through recipes online and in some cookbooks. I found this recipe, and started my quest.

The flickr! photoset documents the whole process, the end result was enjoyed by my Creative Act class. Chocolate Souffle is surprisingly simple to make. Give it a shot. Bon Appetit!

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