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cell free zones

By Monday, October 10, 2005One Comment

i often wonder when i am in a semi-public space why people feel the need, ability, and luxury to talk on their cell phones. don’t they realize that they are being rude? it is one thing when you are with someone and they are already on the phone, or they receive an important phone call, but if they excuse themselves and talk outside, then it is somewhat acceptable. but what is not acceptable, is when people talk on their cell phone in a restaurant, at the table, on a train, or on the bus, or in an elevator. anywhere they assume that a public space, is now their own private space. anywhere where people feel the need to voluntarily share their entire conversation with an involuntary member sharing the same physical space.

so i propose the following. make a cell free zone, and again i am not talking about making signs or having some large man shake a finger at people who break the cell free zone. I am suggesting putting up super dense material that blocks cell phone reception. line the walls of an elevator that absorbs cell phone signals. if the range of cell phone signals is known, then block the signals where people should NOT be talking.

I do not care if people have to make a really important call, if people can go outside and smoke, then they can go outside and make a call. why should we accept rudeness. next time you see someone ignore and flaut the rules, tell them to take it outside. i even want to make a cell-phone-be-gone remote. anything to shut people’s cell phones in areas where they should be doing anything but talking on a phone. so tell someone to take it outside and protect what should be public space. SHUT OFF THAT DAMN CELL PHONE!

One Comment

  • LordJim says:

    It’s called “The Quiet Car” on the Amtrak Acela. It’ll cost you a few hundred bucks. But it’s quiet. Then you end up someplace where they have cell phones. But then you go home again and it’s quiet again. Seems like a lot of trouble to avoid people talking on cell phones. But there you have it. Maybe the roof of your building? Maybe scuba diving? The cemetery?

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