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By Sunday, October 9, 20052 Comments

it’s 2.36 am. no it’s 2.46, it could be 2.39, should we just split the difference?

it’s dark out, i’ve been awake for about 16 hours and i’m not sleepy. tired? yes i’m tired, but being sleepy is a different thing. a couple hours from now, i could still be up. and it’s not like this hasn’t happened several times this past week. this is insomnia.

most people say to drink a glass of warm milk. i’ll go try that.

it’s now 3.09. wait, that’s my room clock. which is ahead by some amount of time, yes, but i’m not sure. my ibook says 3.06.

i didn’t drink warm milk, i drank cold milk with bailey’s.

bottle of baileys

i tried googling milk and other keywords, but still no luck. it’s now 3.27, or is it 3.18? where’s that bailey’s bottle?

google provided little solace, just targeted advertising with “stars” with glue on their lips. ew.

i was getting tired, but now site is making me think about lactose intolerance. what do those people do? alcohol? now i’ve got people on the itp list telling me to go to bed. i should have gone out for that drink.

3.31 am
time for some propaganda:

in another window I found this site:

hah, okay lactose intolerance or not, i’m gonna lose my… just look at these titles:

Milk A-Z *****
MILK-The Deadly Poison
MILK- TDP (on tape)
Diet for a New America
Mad Cowboy
Don’t Drink Your Milk
The Killers Within
Free The Animals
Sacred Cows and Golden Geese
Eternal Treblinka
WEBmasters Bookshelf

though if you look closely on the bottom, they don’t have a page visitor counter, but a page load meter. I GOT 8.363 seconds! of course there’s more corporate subsdized advertising here:


but after going back to the notmilk site, i found all this:

“MILK” Just the word itself sounds comforting! “How about a
nice cup of hot milk?” The last time you heard that question
it was from someone who cared for you–and you appreciated
their effort.

The entire matter of food and especially that of milk is
surrounded with emotional and cultural importance. Milk was
our very first food. If we were fortunate it was our
mother’s milk. A loving link, given and taken. It was the
only path to survival. If not mother’s milk it was cow’s
milk or soy milk “formula”–rarely it was goat, camel or
water buffalo milk.

Now, we are a nation of milk drinkers. Nearly all of us.
Infants, the young, adolescents, adults and even the aged.
We drink dozens or even several hundred gallons a year and
add to that many pounds of “dairy products” such as cheese,
butter, and yogurt.

Can there be anything wrong with this? We see reassuring
images of healthy, beautiful people on our television
screens and hear messages that assure us that, “Milk is good
for your body.” Our dieticians insist that: “You’ve got to
have milk, or where will you get your calcium?” School
lunches always include milk and nearly every hospital meal
will have milk added. And if that isn’t enough, our
nutritionists told us for years that dairy products make up
an “essential food group.” Industry spokesmen made sure that
colourful charts proclaiming the necessity of milk and other
essential nutrients were made available at no cost for
schools. Cow’s milk became “normal.”

You may be surprised to learn that most of the human beings
that live on planet Earth today do not drink or use cow’s
milk. Further, most of them can’t drink milk because it
makes them ill.

sick? oh great, i’m going to be ill. i just had 16 ounces, three of which were Bailey’s, of milk. shit. i’m screwed.

it’s 3.44. hawk just posted on the list that he wanted to give me a hiki. ew

does someone out there have a solution? all you sleeping sallies, wake up! tell me dammit. it tried the milk. i tried the walk in the rain. i tried the calisthenics up and down the stairwell. i even tried watching really poorly written late night tv. nothing.

it’s now 3.52. no 3.42 on the ibook. wtf! i’ve been slacking on the exercise front. not that i’m that out of shape, but i think a run to the gym or even some time in the pool would do me some good. the best solution would be to hire someone to manage my time. someone who would shut off the lights and enforce mandatory lights out. not that i’m advocating a military school-like environment, but short of somone telling me to go to bed, knocking me out with a blunt object, or even forcing me to consume copious amount of alcohol, i’m still going to be awake.

shit it’s 4. no wrong clock again, 3.52 am. of course the real irony of this rant and lack of a solution is that in a few hours when i wake up, i’ll be exhausted. i’ll need coffee or tea to wake me up out of the insomniac haze. so you readers out there (*if any), when you wake up tomorrow, refreshed and ready to tackle another bright sunny day, help a guy out, tell me your secret. till then, i’ll be here. refreshing my get new mail button, reading about all the harm milk causes, looking up parts for an arduino board, and thinking about my pressure project.

nighty night.


p.s. if you find me napping on the floor tomorrow night, wake me up. throw water on me, move the couch, anything to help me break this maniacal insomniac pattern.


  • dedi says:

    poor mo. insomnia sucks. i read somewhere that masturbation helps end insomnia. so does a regular sleeping/waking schedule and exercise. if you wake up at the same time everyday and go to sleep at about the same time, you’re body takes that to heart and will remind you when to wake up and when to sleep. so maybe you don’t need a personal time management aide.

  • Rich Hauck says:

    At least I’m not an insomniac. Despite working night after night, when I want to go to sleep it’s as easy as hitting the switch.

    Have you tried reading in bed?

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