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reach out (don’t touch my personal) space

By Friday, October 7, 2005No Comments

tonight i went to see beck. i loooove seeing live shows. it’s not only a great group experience, but it’s just great to see the music being created on stage. the only thing i really hate at any show, is standing in the general admission area. it sucks! people are constantly bumping into you, moving into your severly reduced private space. it’s insanity really.

but really sometimes this is the best part of being at a live show, is the loss of personal space to a degree. why shouldn’t you share the experience with so many people? maybe i’m just getting old, but i guess i just get annoyed when people suddenly move in front of you and come into your zone. what is a real zone anyway in cramped spaces like these? is it a 6 inch bubble all around you? perhaps.

so i’m proposing that people wear some different clothing. perhaps even the wearable kids could work on clothing spliced with EL wire and a potentiometer. something that would allow you to adjust the color on your shirt so that if someone invades your space, the colors on your shirt change. i’m not sure this would work. too many barriers.

aside from creating larger personal space sections on the floor, it would be really hard to implement and enforce. it’s not even something that i would want to enforce. i just get grumpy when someone keeps invading your space and bumping you when you’re trying to pay attention at a show.

so i’m really suggesting that people think more about personal space. i’m not talking about making ridiculous signs or telling people when they walk in. so what can you do? people behave like cows. MOO! hey cow! moo! (no not me, the sound of a cow). right, so people behave like cows. you can’t stop and reason with someone at a show about moving back an inch. so why not create zones? like a magnetic zone that would surround you and slightly shock someone if they got within the 6 inch personal space zone?

of course this would be no worse than shoving out your elbow or slightly nudging someone a bit back. who knows what the real solution is. though i bet you do at this moment….


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