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those tiny little annoyances…

By Wednesday, October 5, 2005No Comments

plastic cutlery. why do they have to give you so much effing plastic? why can’t they find a eco-friendlier tool.

delion. this place gets me, more that i’m so weak that i can’t walk a little farther and spend a little more money on crappy breakfast and luncheon food. but what really gets me?

sugar packets. i’m getting a tea or a coffee. i don’t need 15 sugar packets! i’m not hypo-glycemic. at least not yet.

goat cheese – i think i covered this in class

crappy pens – the ones that bleed all over your hand

cigarette smoke in clothes. i remember before nyc was smoke free in the bars. coming home stinking of booze and alcohol was bad enough, waking up to smell the smoke and liqour on you pillowcase was worse.

just five minutes – when you know it’s going to be 20.

the food selection near itp

the japanese room

when people:
1) talk loud
2) talk on their cell phone in an elevator, on the train, on a platform – anywhere where the public space is now become an extention of their private space
3) are impolite
4) overly negative – ease up!

being late

the little things. the little things that sometimes matter but shouldn’t. and the little things that matter the most but don’t get paid any attention.

wasting food, smelly crappy garbage

when people talk and talk and talk, and just don’t leave you alone

when people don’t respect the little things, or the commonly accepted practices.


parking in nyc

having things taken

not talking to friends and family more

small, annoying dogs

people who act like small, annoying dogs

there’s more, i’m sure they’ll come to me…

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