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further drawings and a nod to david’s trace

By Friday, September 30, 2005No Comments

i spent a great deal of time today thinking about how best to rework the animation. i listened to the song several times over and reviewed the first draft animation several times today. chris ault was at itp today unannounced, i meant to ask him about the animation, though i’ll have to send him an email instead. i rewrote the lyrics and thought about alternative ways of presenting the slides.

deadweight #1

deadweight #2

it took me 65 slides for 34 seconds of animation, 5 minutes means at least 200. of course i’m sure i can use a bunch of slides over again, though my thought process for this song is makng me look for further inspiration outside the song. Michel Gondry did the original video, which i watched as well. the stunning thing Gondry did in my opinion was to integrate Beck into the scenes he spliced from the movie, yet in a non cheesey manner. gondry’s deadweight video lacks a certain punch that many of his (gondry’s) others exhibit, though i’m able to watch a video effectively advertising a movie and not be repulsed.

i started the trace method which david outlined in his piece tonight. i hadn’t thought about a simple trace as a work around to my ineffective (and unassisted) hand drawings. the one i worked on yesterday didn’t look so much like beck as it did a caricature.

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